What Lawyers For Equal Justice does: 

Lawyers for Equal Justice (“L4EJ”) is an incubator program that provides a springboard for recent law school graduates to start innovative, socially conscious and sustainable law practices providing affordable legal services to low and moderate income clients.

L4EJ provides an 18-month program to help attorneys accelerate the launch of their solo practices in a range of practice areas. Attorneys who are selected by L4EJ to participate pay a participation fee and benefit from a collaborative office environment; a case referral program; practical resources including law practice management technology; and top-notch training, mentoring and business coaching.

L4EJ seeks to identify talented, public-interest minded and entrepreneurial lawyers who want to build innovative practices that “break the mold” to provide cost-effective services. L4EJ participants are chosen through a competitive selection process that includes a personal statement and interview. L4EJ accepts a group of up to 10 participants every November and June, with up to 30 participants total in the program at any time.  For application information, please contact our Executive Director, Stephanie Everett.

L4EJ is not a law firm.  L4EJ and its staff do not exercise direct or indirect supervisory or managerial authority over the participating attorneys, and L4EJ does not share legal fees with the participating attorneys.  L4EJ is a community for individual, Georgia attorneys committed to serving people of modest economic means.  Each participating attorney operates his or her own, distinct and independent practice. No legal representation relationship exists in any way between L4EJ and any of the clients or prospective clients of the participating attorneys and/or between any user of this website and L4EJ or any of its affiliates.


Attorneys Participating in L4EJ: 

Please feel free to contact directly any of the attorneys participating in L4EJ for legal services.


JoAnna Smith  
Name: JoAnna Smith
Firm Name: Anderson Rupani & Smith, LLC
Practice Area: Family 
Email: joanna@arsfamily.com
Phone: 404-480-2701
Website: www.arsfamily.com
Name: Jonathan Anderson
Firm Name: Anderson Rupani & Smith, LLC
Practice Area: Administrative Law,Family and Landlord-tenant
Email: jonathan@arsfamily.com
Phone: 404-480-2701
Website: www.arsfamily.com
Greg Clement
Name: Greg Clement
Firm Name: The Clement Law Firm, LLC Atlanta, GA
Practice Area: Criminal, DUI, Juvenile and Other
Website: www.clementlawyer.com 
Email: gregclementlawyer.com
Phone: 404-549-6600
Francis Dixon
Name: Francis Dixson
Firm Name: Dixson Law, LLC 
Practice Areas: Business and Corporate, Commercial, Contracts and Other
Phone: (678) 653-0601
Email: francis@dixsonlaw.com
Robert Duda
Name:Robert Duda
Firm Name: The Law Office of Robert P. Duda
Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Consumer and Landlord-tenant
Email: rpduda@robertpdudalaw.com
Phone: 678-505-7179
Olga Gambini
Name: Olga Gambini
Firm Name: Gambini Law, LLC
Practice Area: Immigration
Phone: (678) 926-8385
Email: olga@gambinilaw.com
Name: JB Hilliard
Firm Name: The Law Office of JB Hilliard, LLC
Practice Area: Business and Corporate, Contracts, Other, Power of Attorney, Probate, Trusts and Estates, Wills and Living Wills
Phone: 404-980-3135
Website: www.jblaw.biz
Narissa Jackson
Name: Narissa Jackson
Firm Name: Juitt-Jackson Law Firm, LLC Atlanta, GA
Practice Area: Divorce and Separation, Family, Marriage and Prenuptial
Phone: 678-252-9199
Email: njackson@juittjacksonlaw.com
Website: www.juittjacksonlaw.com
Sarah Kelsey
Name: Sarah Kelsey
Firm Name: Law Office of Sarah E. Kelsey, LLC
Practice Areas: Civil Rights, Constitutional, Consumer, Criminal, DUI
Phone:  678-827-3079
Email: sarah@sarahkelseylaw.com
Website: http://sarahkelseylaw.com
Kathlyn Khashan
Name: Kathlyn Khashan
Firm Name: Khashan Law Office, LLC Atlanta, GA
Practice Area: Criminal, DUI, Divorce and Separation, Family and Traffic Violation
Phone: 678-873-4256
Email: kathlyn@khashanlawoffice.com
Website: khashanlawoffice.wordpress.com
Name: Hazel Langrin
Firm Name: Langrin-Robertson Law, LLC Atlanta, GA
Practice Areas: Contracts, Divorce and Separation, Family, Guardianship and Landlord-tenant
Email: hazel@langrinrobertson.com
Phone: 678-242-9280
Name: Quintin Lewis
Firm Name: Lewis Legal, LLC
Practice Area: Education, Family, Labor and Employment and Personal Injury
Email: quintin@lewislegalllc.com
Phone: 678-379-9881
Website: www.lewislegalllc.com
Name: Yesenia Muhammad
Firm Name: The Muhammad Law Firm
Practice Areas: Immigration and International
Phone: 770-363-6900
Meredith Permar
Name: Meredith Rainey Permar
Firm Name: Rainey Permar Law, LLC
Practice Areas: Divorce and Separation and Family
Email: meredith@raineypermarlaw.com
Phone: 404-631-6393
Website: www.raineypermarlaw.com 


Name: Audrey A Simmons, Esq.

Firm Name: The Simmons Legal Firm, P.C.

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense and Immigration

Phone Number: 404-514-0731

Email: audrey@simmonslegal.org

Website: www.simmonslegal.org



Name: Ansley Sluss

Law Firm: Sluss Law, LLC

Phone: 404-565-4877

Practice Area: Family, Immigration

Web: www.slusslaw.com
Email: ansley@slusslaw.com


Erwin Stephens
Name: Erwin Stephens
Firm Name: Erwin Mark Stephens Attorney at Law, LLC
Practice Areas: Divorce and Separation, Personal Injury and Other
Email: erwin@emstephenslaw.com
Phone: 404-954-2806
Website: http://www.emstephenslaw.com 
Meron Tadesse


Name: Meron Tadesse

Firm Name: Tadesse Law, LLC.

Practice Area: Business, Tax, and Family 

Phone: 678-263-0837

Email: meron@tadesselaw.com


Andrew Thompson
Name: Andrew Thompson
Firm Name: Thompson Law, PC 
Practice Areas: Administrative Law, Business and Corporate, Elections, Government, Healthcare, and Non-Profit and Social Enterprise
Email: Andrew@AndrewThompsonLaw.com
Phone: (330) 701-7815
Website: https://www.andrewthompsonlaw.com
Name: Stephen Weyer
Firm Name: The Law Office of Stephen Weyer, LLC
Practice Area: Trusts and Estates
Phone: 404-860-1313
Email: stephen@stephenweyerlaw.com
Name: CJ Williams
Firm Name: Law Office of C.J. Williams
Practice Areas: Divorce and Separation, Family, and Traffic Violation
Phone: 770-857-3595
Email: cjw@williamslegal.com
Website: www.cjwilliams.com
Name: D.A. Wilson
Firm Name: The Wilson Firm, LLC 
Practice Areas: Business and Corporate, Probate, Taxation, Trusts and Estates
Phone: 470-223-8271
Email: DA@wilsonfirmatlanta.com
Website: www.wilsonfirmatlanta.com





Who we serve:

While Georgia’s non-profit legal service providers do their best to help those in need, there are over 1.69 million Georgia households in the low and moderate income brackets who do not qualify for free services and cannot afford legal help. It is estimated that 90% of these Georgians do not obtain legal help for issues where legal representation could significantly change the outcome and improve their lives significantly.

Participating law firms work to close this gap by developing practices that provide quality legal services that are accessible and affordable. Participants accomplish this by leveraging technology, offering alternative fee arrangements and a la carte services, and maximizing collaboration with their clients.  


Who we are:

L4EJ, a Georgia non-profit corporation, is a collaborative project of the Georgia Supreme Court, State Bar of Georgia, and the five ABA-approved law schools in Georgia - Emory University School of Law, Georgia State University College of Law, John Marshall Law School, Mercer University School of Law, and University of Georgia School of Law.


Board of Directors and Appointing Authorities:

Justice Carol Hunstein, Supreme Court of Georgia (Vice Chair)

Bucky Askew, Supreme Court of Georgia (Chair)

Rita Sheffey, Emory Law School

Kenny Tatum, Georgia Law School

Clark Cunningham, Georgia State College of Law

Kathe Burch, John Marshall Law School

Tim Floyd, Mercer Law School

Patrise Perkins-Hooker, State Bar of Georgia (Treasurer)

Shatorree Bates, State Bar of Georgia

Damon Elmore, State Bar of Georgia

Darrell Sutton, State Bar- Young Lawyers

Phyllis Holmen, GLSP/State Bar of Georgia

Michael Lucas, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (Sec.)

Steve Gottlieb, Atlanta Legal Aid Society

Rob Wellon, Atlanta Bar/Solo Section

Tony Del Campo, Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism

Ex Officio: Stephanie Everett, Executive Director of L4EJ

Avarita Hanson, Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism Michelle West, State Bar of Georgia, Transition into Law Practice Program

Natalie Kelly, State Bar of Georgia, Law Practice Management Program

Mike Monahan, State Bar of Georgia, Pro Bono Director

Tangela King, Institute Continuing Legal Education



Sarah Babcock, Executive Director



Keneecha Mays, Client Intake Specialist




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