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Atlanta, Georgia

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The Law Office of C.J. Williams, LLC. Where FAMILY comes FIRST!!

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Child Support
Divorce and Separation
Domestic Abuse and Violence
Marriage and Prenuptials
Personal Injury
Traffic Violation
Client Reviews

Always responds late. Very little Communication.
Carla in Marietta, GA 30067, USA

Mr. Don't you any documents that you come to agreement on. He just tell you and leave things out that you should know. Mr. William don't follow directions to well when you as or tell him something to do. I would not recommend him to anyone. He all about his money not the client.
Joseph in Gwinnett County, GA, United States

CJ Williams is a lying, incompetent, untrustworthy, unknowledgeable, unresponsive thief of an attorney! He refused to return phone calls for weeks on end and once for an entire month, would not respond back to numerous emails or messages via his client portal website, did not show up to any of my court dates, lied to the judge and opposing counsel during negotiations for the Settlement Agreement as to what I had actually agreed and not agreed to, (thereby legally binding me by his lies into a Settlement Agreement that I never agreed to), lied to me during negotiations as to what he had told the judge and opposing counsel, Lied and said that he was going to give me a $2,000-$2,500 discount but never did, failed to inform or provide me with important documents in a timely manner, stole my settlement check by fraudulently signing and cashing a settlement check that opposing counsel had made out to me(in my name only), refused to respond back to opposing counsel causing opposing counsel to file a motion to enforce a Settlement Agreement that I did not agree to and to seek compensation from me for her attorney fees, caused me to lose my case and refused to send me my case file. I have proof to back up all of my aforementioned statements, so this is not libel or slander, simply facts and truth. CJ Williams is also an extremely rude, lying, stealing, belligerent, disrespectful, dismissive, manipulating, unscrupulous, conniving bully. Please beware of this sheister. He puts on a facade of being an honest, kind, helpful and respectful attorney but he is the complete opposite.Do NOT hire him for any reason. He needs to be disbarred immediately.
Twanda in Houston County, GA, United States

Professional References

I would be remiss if I did not extend my sincere recommendation and approval of Che Williams for this opportunity. He is a wise scholar with an impeccable work ethic. Mr. Williams is trustworthy, loyal, and consistently exudes an attitude of dogged determination for excellence in both is personal and professional life.

Eddie Wright





Georgia 2013 ACTIVE

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Morehouse College

B.A.Graduated in 1997

John Marshall Law

J.D.Graduated in 2013
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Law Office of C.J. Williams

229 Peachtree Street NE
Ste 450 - International Tower
Atlanta, Georgia, 30308

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Prenuptial agreement

Agree on issues such as property division and spousal support before getting married. A prenuptial agreement, also referred to as a premarital agreement, can include a wide range of provisions to protect the partners during and after the relationship.


Get a will in place. Determine beneficiaries for your assets, appoint guardians for minor children and make sure that your wishes are carried out.

General Counsel Basic

A dedicated general counsel, available for 20 hours for a 3 month period, or other time frame that works for you.

Revocable Living Trust

Determine who will get your property when you pass away. Putting in place a living trust helps you avoid probate.

DUI Defense

Full representation for your misdemeanor DUI case.

Uncontested divorce

End a marriage in a cost-effective, dignified manner. An uncontested divorce is possible if both spouses have reached agreement on issues such as property division, child support, and other financial issues.

Domestic Violence Defense

Representation for a misdemeanor domestic violence offense.

Child support modification

Modify an existing child support agreement. As time goes by, changes to the child support arrangement may be required to accommodate changes in situation.

Modification of parenting plan

Modify an existing parenting plan. As time goes by, changes to the parenting plan may be required to accommodate changes in situation.

Name Change

Legally change your name or a minor’s name by getting a court order, allowing you to change your legal name on government-issued identification documents such as your driver's license, passport, and social security card.

Advanced Health Care Directive

State your health care preferences to your physician, family and friends. This includes types of special treatment you want or don't want at the end of life, preferences relating to diagnostic and surgical procedures and organ donation.

Estate Plan Basic (Couple)

Put in place a basic estate plan for you and your partner. This includes two wills, two powers of attorney and two advanced health care directives, customized to your specific needs.

Estate Plan Plus (Single)

Put in place a comprehensive estate plan. This includes a will, a power of attorney, an advanced health care directive and a living trust, customized to your specific needs.

Estate Plan Basic (Individual)

Put in place a basic estate plan. This includes a will, a power of attorney and an advanced health care directive, customized to your specific needs.

Separation Agreement

Put in place a separation agreement. This agreement helps two partners who decided to separate resolve such matters as division of property and debts, child custody and support.

Estate Plan Plus (Couple)

Put in place a comprehensive estate plan for you and your partner. This includes two wills, two powers of attorney, two two advanced health care directives and two living trusts, customized to your specific needs.


Sliding Scale Pricing

We now offer Sliding Scale fees and pricing options for our clients. The Sliding Scale program has been created in response to the lack of affordable representation in Georgia. The program offers reasonably rated legal services to those who do not financially qualify for pro bono or public defender services. Take a few minutes & apply now by clicking the link below, or visit us at for more information on how to apply.